Queen Bed Frame

Project Summary

The goal of this project was to build a custom, DIY queen-sized bed frame. I don’t have

Despite the lumber prices being unusually high during the pandemic, the overall bed frame wasn’t terribly expensive, considering it was a custom design. Under pre-2020 lumber prices I believe the boards would have cost around $100-150. I didn’t keep records, but I believe the lumber I bought in June 2021 was around $300. This doesn’t include the plywood, screws, stain, and other supplies I already had on-hand.

I really need to get a truck for projects like this, but my poor hatchback will have to do for now.

I scrapped the drawer idea from the designs so I could instead store my old mattress underneath this bed frame. Once I no longer have need of it, I’d like to build the drawer as originally intended.