3D Prints

Mini UW Memorial Union Terrace Chair

Sunburst terrace chairs printed at 15% scale in three pieces and glued together. The Prusa MKS3+ does pretty well, except for the last 1/8″ of the legs. Larger scale prints much better.

v2 model, shown below, has a modified frame to mate better with the sunburst backing. This makes gluing much easier and the model prints great at 20% and above. v2 model is untested at 15% scale.

25% scale, shown on the bed of PrusaSlicer 2.5.2 and printed and painted.

“Life is Good” – Patrick Enjoying a Beer

Custom designed, printed, and painted display, inspired by a post-it I drew and stuck to the window of a local brewery

Pikachu Fat Thor

**This one is not my design and I don’t have record of who made it. I’m only sharing it by request because it was removed from Thingiverse**

One Drain to Rule Them All