Design Plans

Disclaimer: The following plans are a best-effort to provide the information used to build the projects showcased on this website. The ability to reproduce the final product is dependent on the user and these drawings do not guarantee an outcome. Always use proper safety measures when using tools and machinery.

Desktop CNC Mill

Click below to download the design plans or CAD files. The Complete Drawing Package includes a .zip of all assembly and part drawings. The following links provide the top-level drawing and CAD for the CNC mill assembly.

Top Level

Individual Axes

Click below to download top-level assembly drawings for the individual axes.


Because several people asked, below you can download the files I used to engrave the inglorious Dickbutt.

Queen Bed Frame

Click below to download the complete drawing package for the queen bed frame. The top-level assembly and all individual parts are included in a single, 9-page PDF.